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Root Canal Treatment | Davis Dental CareSometimes, an infection can appear in your routine dental x-rays, but more often than not, it presents itself as dental pressure, pain, or discomfort. 

Having a sudden toothache can disrupt your entire schedule, affect your sleep, and even make it hard to function at all. An unexplained toothache is sometimes the first sign of an infection in your tooth. It is often accompanied by swelling, sensitivity, and even a small pimple-like lesion on your gums.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call our Layton, UT dental office right away! The sooner you call, the faster we can restore your comfort and health.

Diagnosing the Need for Root Canal Therapy

When you call our dental office, we will ask you a few questions to determine the type of dental emergency you are experiencing. To make a proper diagnosis, a dental exam with Dr. Smith is necessary. At your dental appointment, we will take x-rays of the area to determine the cause of your pain. If it is infection in your tooth or around the root, you may require root canal therapy to eliminate your pain and restore your health.

Fears about Root Canal TreatmentLayton Root Canal Treatment | Davis Dental Care

Many people dread hearing the words “root canal” and develop anxiety about their treatment. It is important to remember, however, that root canal therapy actually relieves pain instead of causing it.

We take patient comfort very seriously in our Layton, UT dental office and will make sure that your tooth is numb before beginning any treatment. A root canal can save your tooth and provide effective relief from the symptoms. 

While some sensitivity after treatment is common, it should subside completely within a few days. We will follow up after your root canal treatment to ensure you are healing properly.

Root Canal Therapy

The main goal of a root canal is to quickly, comfortably, and effectively remove infection, damaged tissue, and bacteria from inside your tooth’s root. In order to accomplish this, Dr. Smith will anesthetize your tooth to ensure you don’t experience pain from treatment.

Next, he will access your tooth’s root and clean out the damaged tissue and infection. He will then place medication to assist with healing followed by a temporary filling on your tooth to seal out food and bacteria as you heal.

Once healing is complete, we will recommend a permanent restoration, often a dental crown, to stabilize and protect your tooth. Root canal treatment followed by a dental crown can prolong the life of your tooth by years or even decades.

Why It Is Important to Save Your Natural Teeth

It may seem easier to simply extract your tooth. Tooth loss, however, leads to a host of ongoing dental problems, including bone loss, misalignment, problems with your bite, and gaps in your smile. Tooth replacement options are often more costly than saving your natural tooth.

Saving your natural teeth is the best way to protect your health and appearance!

Are You Experiencing Dental Pain?

Call Davis Dental Care right away! We will treat your condition in a timely fashion so you can enjoy comfort and good health again!

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