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Do I always have to get my wisdom teeth out?

Having wisdom teeth removed is almost a rite of passage for teens and people in their early twenties. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are located at the very back of the jaw on both sides – top and bottom.

It is not unusual for people to have two, three, or no wisdom teeth at all. The problem that often arises is that there simply is not enough room at the back of the jaw for wisdom teeth to erupt properly. This may mean that they grow in at an angle and cause pain.

If you have wisdom teeth with no symptoms, we do not necessarily have to remove them. Sometimes people choose to have them out anyway because they can be problematic – developing decay, abscesses, or even cysts when left alone.

At Davis Dental Care, your family dentist in Layton, UT,  we evaluate wisdom teeth on an individual basis and will discuss the pros and cons of keeping them or removing them so that you can make an educated choice when it comes to your approach. In some cases, it is pretty clear they need to go in order to keep you healthy. In other cases, it can be left up to the patient. If they grow in properly and you choose to keep them, be aware that you will need to pay special attention when brushing and flossing in order to keep them free of decay and gum disease. It is also important to remember that wisdom teeth can be difficult to remove as you age, so making a choice when you're younger is best.


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