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Healthy Teeth Can Transform Your Life. Here's How

Transform Your Life With Healthy Teeth | Davis Dental Care

Many media outlets discuss diseases in a generic way that often leaves out the impact that having a disease has on a very personal level. No one wants to be ill, but when it affects your smile, it can have a very personal impact on your life and your self-esteem. It’s easy to forget about your gums on a day-to-day basis unless something goes wrong. We help patients enjoy better oral health and improved confidence with comprehensive dental care.

Bad Breath (You May Not Even Know About)

Most people with bad breath do not realize they have it unless a dentist, doctor, co-worker, or loved one lets them know. Having bad breath can lead to missed professional opportunities, a diminished social life, and not getting that second date.

The bacteria that cause chronic bad breath, called halitosis, come from an active infection. You may notice people avoiding you or stepping backward when speaking to you. If you suspect you have bad breath, we will be honest with you and help you get that fresh feeling (and smell) back.

Limited Diet

Gum disease can mean pain. This may prevent you from eating healthy foods or almost anything at all. A limited diet can cause a host of other health conditions related to poor nutrition.

With proper periodontal treatment, you can enjoy a normal diet again. Of course, it is always a good idea to avoid too many sugary snacks because they promote bacteria growth.

Tooth Loss

Eventually, when left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss. Having gaps in your smile not only makes it difficult to eat, but it can negatively impact your bite and cause bone loss, not to mention how it makes you feel about your smile. Treating gum disease early can minimize the permanent impact that it has on your oral health.

If you want a dentist in Layton who will help you get back on track to a healthy smile without making you feel guilty about missing a few dental appointments, we can help. We provide gentle care without judgment and look forward to making a positive impact on your daily life with a confident, comfortable smile.

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