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How cool are Dental Implants!!

Dental Implant at Davis Dental Care Layton Utah

I started my dental career in 2001.  I started placing implants in 2003.  I am often amazed at how far technology with dental implants have come.  Over the course of my career, I have placed and restored thousands of implants.  The process has become quicker, easier to heal from, more predictable, and more accurate.  The options for restoring implants are so predictable, that we at Davis Dental Care GUARANTEE our implants.  

Bridge v Implant at Davis Dental Carei

In the past I have done a lot of tooth replacement with bridges as seen above.  Now, I rarely do a bridge.  Implants have come so far, that they far outlast bridges that they just don't make economic sense most of the time.  Also, the concept of a bridge is that you have one tooth do the work of two or more.  That is a concept that I don't feel is healthy.  

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