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Considering Orthodontics as an Adult? Look for These Features!

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If you are walking down the halls of a junior high school, you might think that orthodontics is some kind of rite of passage because so many kids have brackets and colorful rubber bands adorning their smiles.

Not every teen has had access to orthodontics, however.

When adults need orthodontic treatment, it can pose a few challenges. Treatment may take a bit longer because your growing phases are complete and your bone is solidified. But many adult patients can really benefit from orthodontics either for cosmetic purposes or to address issues of misalignment.

Here are some things to look for when seeking an orthodontist for adult treatment:

A dentist or orthodontist with experience treating adult cases – Having experience is essential in every aspect of dentistry. Planning a good outcome for your orthodontic treatment is no different.

Your results need to look great, but your teeth also need to come together properly to avoid problems with your jaw, sensitivity, or premature wear.

Someone who offers an alternative to brackets – If you are a professional, have an active social life, or enjoy a nice spinach salad in your office at lunchtime right before a big presentation, you might have a hard time imagining how brackets and wires will fit into your life. Clear aligner systems like ClearCorrect and Invisalign give our adult patients a more discreet alternative.

A dental office that offers payment plans – Not everyone has the financial power to pay for all their orthodontic treatment up front. Payment options allow you to begin treatment now, but pay it off over time. This works well for many of our adult patients who also have mortgages and kids and need to stay within a monthly budget.

If you need an orthodontist in Layton, UT who has experience treating adult patients, contact Davis Dental Care for a consultation!

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