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Need a Root Canal? Here's How to Know

How to Know You Need a Root Canal | Davis Dental Care

Experiencing tooth pain, pressure, or swelling can be scary and leave you wondering if you need to make a trip to the dentist.

These symptoms are all signs that you may have an infection and require treatment. Fortunately, we offer comfortable root canals right here in our Layton, UT dental office without the need for a referral to an endodontist.

Do Root Canals Always Start with Pain?

While many patients experience pain as the first sign that something is wrong, we can actually diagnose an infection in its early stages, before symptoms begin, through routine dental x-rays. This is why we recommend that patients never skip their recommended x-rays. Catching an infection or ...

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What Will the Future Hold for Root Canals?

Future of Root Canals | Davis Dental Care

A root canal can save an infected tooth and prevent an extraction by removing bacteria and damaged tissue from the internal anatomy of your tooth. Root canals relieve symptoms and pain associated with infection and inflammation so close to your nerve.

We offer comfortable root canals in our Layton, UT dental office with a high success rate, allowing our patients to keep their natural teeth in most cases.

Our high success rate for root canal therapy results from the many years of experience of Dr. Hans Smith and his meticulous monitoring of your oral health after treatment, prior to the dental restoration procedure. In most cases, we offer root canal treatment without ...

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