Davis Dental Care brightens your smile, straightens your teeth, and altogether increases your oral hygiene. Hans Smith, DMD, runs his dental office like every patient is his family. There is no room for poor dental techniques nor terrifying dental gizmos and gadgets in this innovating, advancing 21st century society that we all live. You deserve a dentist in Layton that is pleasant and enjoyable.

When you walk into Davis Dental, you’ll notice that our dentist Mr. Smith and supporting dental staff want to make sure that you have a good time when you come see us. Increasing your oral hygiene is second to making sure you are comfortable in our office. There’s a poor stigma all around the dental industry, and we are here to prove that stereotype wrong. We are always looking for ways to improve our dentist service in Layton, Utah.

When it comes to a dentist office, you need to choose the dentist that is the best for you in Layton. It’s important that your dental goals are on the same page as your dentist. Don’t be afraid to share what’s important to you. We all have different lifestyles and hygiene techniques, so work together with your local dental staff to get the care that’s right for you. If you have children or a spouse, you are all welcome at Davis Dental Care as we are proud to be a Layton family dentist.

Your smile matters – to you, to us, to the world. Let it shine bright. We are proud to be your Top Rated Local® dental service in Layton, Utah. Thank you for your business, and we look forward to meeting you!